St Faber

St Faber is patron saint of Boho and Monea. She lived in the sixth century and was the daughter of the local chieftain who followed the religion of The Druids and who, probably, worshipped at the Reyfad Stones near the Church of the Sacred Heart, Boho.

At the time of St Molaise was abbot of the monastery on Devenish Island. The local people heard him preach about Christ and some became Christian. Faber, too, became a Christian and decided to become a nun. She spent much time in prayer and instructing the people in the Christian Faith.

When Faber had learned all she could from St Molaise on Devenish she returned to the townland of Killydrum on the Barrs of Boho and built a little wooden hut/church there beside a well. St Faber’s Well is still there and is reputed to have a cure for warts. There is also another well at Killyveagh, Monea.

St Faber’s memory still lives on in her depiction in the stained-glass windows in the Church of the Sacred Heart, Boho and the Church of the Immaculate Conception, Monea. Some local girls are named in honour of the Saint.