Sacred Heart Church Refurbishment Update

The refurbishment and restoration of the Sacred Heart Church, Boho which began in September of this year, marks the culmination of the ‘Three Churches Project’, an ambitious plan of work, initiated in 2014, to repair our three places of worship – St. Patrick’s, Derrygonnelly, Immaculate Conception, Monea and the aforementioned Sacred Heart in Boho.

The first phase of the project saw the completion of work to the Church of the Immaculate Conception, followed in 2017 with repairs to St. Patricks.

The work to the Sacred Heart involves replacement of the roof, the removal and replacement of the external plaster, along with internal works, including the replacement of the oil boiler, along with other plumbing works, rewiring and the upgrade of lighting, work to the gallery and improvements to the sanctuary area. This is a major endeavour which requires a considerable financial investment.

The community of Boho, and the wider parish of Botha, is rightly proud of the Sacred Heart Church providing unbroken worship for centuries and the current refurbishment project will ensure that it continues to be a place of sanctuary for present and future generations.

While the parish has built up a healthy financial reserve to allow the work to begin, it will require a major effort from everyone to ensure its completion. The parish Finance Committee has secured a term loan from Bank of Ireland, to be paid over a 10 year period. On behalf of the parish, I appeal to all of you to do what you can to support this worthwhile and necessary project. I make a special appeal to anyone in the parish that does not ordinarily contribute. Our churches stand as a legacy to past generations who worked hard to ensure they became focal points for community worship.

Likewise, I extend an invitation to those living elsewhere who may have a connection with Boho or the parish of Botha. I encourage you to support the endeavours of all involved in this important project, so that each of our three churches can be handed on future generations.

For further information on how you can support the refurbishment project please contact the parish office at 028 68641889 or by email to